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"A leader in eco-friendly LED lighting products"

Develop the optimum LED lighting product development and
eco-friendly products. Companies that produce

Our company is now seeking eco-friendly management, steady development of technology and seasoned experience, know-how,
develop environmentally friendly LED lighting products with the accumulated technology. Produced by actively
contribute to global environmental problems.

Reckless energy consumption and resulting environmental pollution has emerged as the biggest problem in the world that
threaten the prosperity of mankind. This flow according to the times we are committed to the whole body strength
in research and development of environmental protection and energy-saving LED lighting products available.

Companies seeking a top priority for enterprises, eco-friendly management of the quality, strive with all our products on a
qualitative one that the company is satisfied with the consumer.

Indoor LED lighting products that can be supplied to developing outdoor LED lighting products, such as a custom
product By deploying specialized LED business going to be a thorough talk on the rapid spread costs
and maintain the project's phases and aspects of myeongsilgonghi equipped with LED lighting
as a comprehensive enterprise Go doing the hard work.

CEO        - Song Ja Eun -